Terre Rare (Rare Earths)

Terre Rare (Rare Earths)

Monday, November 27th, 2017

One day two or three years ago I happened upon this little shop. There had been a big political demonstration in the central piazza (Piazza Maggiore) by the Lega Nord – the right-most party in Italy in Bologna, one of the left-most cities. So they had closed several streets, there was a significant police presence and, of course, the buses routes were all screwed up so I walked along a street where I normally took the bus. I was intrigued by the shop window and went back – actually several times. They have a bunch of very creative jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings, etc) as well as lots of usually smallish sculptures. It’s just one of the serendipitous finds. The women who run it are very nice and seem pretty much thrilled to show things and even more thrilled when you buy something.  Most of the sculpture I consider to be out of my price range and also they could be a bit fragile to consider hauling back in a suitcase. If you should visit, I recommend a stop there. You can find the address easily with the help of our friend Google.

My one sculpture – La Zucchina. Note the “a” at the end that makes the name (for the little squash with which we’re all familiar) feminine.

Appears to be Adam and Eve

Cute, eh?

Music – clearly by the same artist that did La Zucchina.

Chivalry ?

Hmmm – elephant in Italy?

What the heck? A chicken with a shell in the window?


Anyway you get the idea. A lot of interesting stuff. If I should win the lottery I’d probably buy the place out. And, oh yes, they have a website. One or two pages have an english version but frankly the art works don’t need much explanation. Check it out at Terre Rare

4 Responses to “Terre Rare (Rare Earths)”

  1. Helen Brainerd Says:

    Yet another reason to return!

  2. Joe Says:

    Yes, lots of great stuff, especially for women but also for men. Bologna is great.

  3. Terre Rare Says:

    What a surprise! We hope to thank You personally; meanwhile we’ll follow You in your blog.
    Elisabetta and Rosa – Terre Rare

  4. Joe Says:

    E’ anche una sorpresa per me che voi hanno scritto un commento! Spero di vedervi in maggio.


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