Random Bologna

Random Bologna

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

I just have a bunch of photos that I think are interesting without any particular theme. I hope that you find them interesting too.

A “plane” tree on the terrace of a restaurant. Apparently closely related to a sycamore. This tree was found to be the oldest tree in Bologna, estimated to have been planted in 1825. It makes quite an impression when dining at the Osteria Bartolini in good weather.

A seat in one of the childrens’ sections in the central library (Biblioteca Salaborsa). Of course there is a bit of graffiti – after all it’s in Italy.

Street repairs are more complicated in city center when you want to maintain the character of the cobblestone streets. This one is in via Saragozza.

Oh, yeah. The Pizzeria Due Torri. Close to the very center of Italy and right across the street from the famous towers. No seating. Slices to go. A nice slice for 2 euros – add a bottle of water for another euro and you’re good to go.

Always a selection available

Enough lunch for me. Surprisingly good for the price – meaning better than about 90% of the pizza in the U.S. Well, maybe 95%

A beautiful Fiat “Topolino” (little mouse). The predecessor to the famous “Cinque Cento” (500). Ceased production in 1955.

Haven’t you had that experience when you started to write something and realized that you didn’t plan well and ran out of space?

I always love this shop window. It changes periodically but it’s always clever

When I first noticed this guy on the bus I wasn’t sure where his tattoos ended and his shirt began

Leggo Ferrari at the airport. They can’t really claim Ferrari because it’s really a lot close to Modena than Bologna – but it’s still pretty cool. Other fancy cars in the area are Maserati in Modena and  Lamborghini – in Funo, very close to Bologna.

Well, that’s all folks, move along, nothing more to see here.

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