Snow in BO

Snow in BO

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

There used to be quite a bit of snow in Bologna in the winter. I know that about 4 years ago it had one pretty deep snowfall – about half a meter. I was told that in the last 3 years it has hardly snowed at all. Even in the snowier past it rarely snowed before December. As I came out of the gym on Monday, November 13th I was amazed to see it snowing. Not just tiny little delicate flakes but big fat wet ones. I talked to the owner of the tobacconist (tabaccheria) and said that I found it fantastic and he said that so did he.


The two towers and snow


Can’t read the route number on the front of the bus because of the snow

Umbrellas are helpful

After taking some photos as shown above I took a bus back to the house. It was supposed to continue to snow for another 2 or 3 hours so I thought that I’d let it accumulate and then come back to take more photos. I really had no need for an umbrella because I could walk under the porticos just about everywhere. The problem is that sooner or later you need to cross a little street and then – SLUSH. When I got back home I had to change shoes to let that pair dry out.

Snow in Piazza Maggiore – and slush!

The little terrace at the apartment on Santo Stefano

The almost bare chestnut tree in the courtyard. (that’s actually a horse chestnut)

It was really such a great thing to see this snow. Since I’m never here in winter I thought that I’d never see it.

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