Lunch in the country

Lunch in the country

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

I never did get around to going to Sardegna or Sicilia. I had talked with my friend Liu’ about going to Trieste but it’s too far for a day trip and we couldn’t find a weekend free. So Liu’ suggested a day trip for a good lunch in the country. It seems that she scours guidebooks for good places to go and to eat. So we agreed to go on a Sunday to Bertinoro (which I’d never heard of) and then to a highly recommended place for lunch. We also agreed that she would drive and pay for gas and autostrada tolls and I’d foot the bill for lunch.

Bertinoro is one of so many little Italian towns with a lot of history and built on a hilltop for defensive reasons and, in this case, with a very strong fortress should the need arise. So on a foggy morning we left Bologna at about 10 in the morning hoping for some sun later in the day.

I, of course, forgot to take some pictures at appropriate times so I searched the web for some.

The old town from the air – not taken by me obviously

The Rocco – fortress. It is now a hospital so unfortunately we couldn’t go in and look around. Also a good place for antennas.

Liu’ clutching her guidebook near the Rocca

Part of the Rocca with impressive vines and a little lawn area – according to Liu’ and her guidebook the Rocca was never conquered. Maybe the enemies took one look and decided to forget it.

A great view from the little park beside the Rocca

A very cool wall we encountered on our walk back down to where we parked the car.

Next we were off perhaps the main attraction – the lunch. We had two different antipasti that we shared and I honestly can’t remember what I had for the pasta course – only that it was good. The dessert however was quite memorable.

Wild mushrooms was one of the antipasti

For dessert – “The grande finale” according to the menu. A terrific assortment of sweet stuff

I’m not sure how old the building was but I would say you’d count the years in centuries rather than decades.

Waiting for the first course

The room complete with stone wall and ancient timbers

The autumn colors of the vines outside

Wild mushrooms await their destiny

Cute “bottle tree”

It’s always nice to get out and about especially with a good friend like Liu’.



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