TV in Bologna

TV in Bologna

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Whenever I’ve been here I’ve watched some TV. I rarely do so at home because not only do I dislike most of the programming but I absolutely hate all of the commercials on broadcast TV. Here I watch it to try to improve my Italian and at least the commercials are often easier to understand than the programming. I discovered something new this spring. They show some American TV programs and movies in the original language – and without subtitles. I was told that many films and non-italian language TV series have been available ¬†in the ¬†original language since the TV broadcasts went digital and added a lot of channels. I really prefer the dubbed ones since I will watch even the worst B grade movies (well, I do have my limitations) if they are dubbed to try to pick up little bits of Italian.

I’ve also stumbled across a very interesting program called LOL that comes out of Canada. It consists of a bunch of short sketches that are basically language free. Some are indeed hilarious and of course with no language they can be shown worldwide. In fact, searching for YouTube I first found a Vietnamese version. I’d like to see it come to the US. I might even watch it.

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