La Casa – the house (in this case the apartment)

La Casa – the house (in this case the apartment)

Monday, December 21st, 2020

I’m finally getting around to showing pictures of the house. I had taken only 3 pictures when Laura and I arrived on July 18th when the house was mostly empty of furniture and I include those to show all of the stuff that came from Laura’s house in Torino.

The entryway (ingresso) in July
The same view now with a couple of my pictures on the wall an antique chest of drawers and mirror and stuff on the coatrack
A view from the other direction. My circus poster, the two shopping carts (carrelli) and three big armoires on the right from Laura’s house that fit perfectly.
The hallway from the entryway to the “living space”. I say living space because it’s a large room that serves as dining room, living room and office. We just call it the “sala”. Note the overhead neon lighting. Pretty cool.
In the image above you can see a little nook on the right where I have some of my stuff from travels and a few things of Laura’s
Opposite the nook is the master bedroom. The door to the hallway is not shown but is to the left side of this view.
The other side of the bedroom with the armoires brought from Laura’s house. You can just see the edge of the door to the hallway on the right and the door to the bathroom on the left. There is also a door to the terrace on the left that you can’t see in this photo.
The ceiling of the bedroom is pretty cool. There is a similar ceiling in the entryway.
This is the master bath. It comes equipped with a cat. I installed all of the shower stuff myself. At the top of the photo you can see a storage area with sliding drawers. Our suitcases are stored there – plus I’m sure some other stuff. I forget what other stuff is in there but will investigate further one of these days.
The hallway from the end of the other hallway to the kitchen – the same overhead novel lighting. You can just make out the door to the second bathroom on the left before the kitchen.
This is the second bathroom. Pretty small but it has about everything required (except no bidet).
Kitchen with a door to the terrace, dishwasher and sink.
More of the kitchen, oven/cooktop, microwave, refrigerator and toaster oven – plus a bunch of wine :^) And of course the water heater on the right. All of the houses that I’ve seen have a water heater (always tankless) that provides not only the hot water for usual purposes but also for heated water for the radiators to heat the house.
One side of the terrace. The terrace is totally enclosed by walls so there is no view and only direct sun at noon. Still it’s useful if not ideal.
The other side of the terrace. From the left a window for the main bathroom, then a door to the bedroom and a door to the entryway. There is lighting outside as well as switched electrical outlets.
Here’s that large living space as seen from the entrance hallway when we arrived in July
Here is the dining room end of the room now.
Here is the view of the same living space when we arrived, from the end nearer the kitchen, complete with Laura.
And here is the living room/office end of the room now (but without Laura at the moment).
And there’s more. Beneath the main floor of the house there is this mezzanine area with a complete living space – currently in disarray – and with another little room at the far side,
The other little room is a laundry room and bathroom complete with a bidet but with a bathtub only suitable for a child.

That’s the end of the tour. I hope that you enjoyed it. Ah but wait, I need to add a Baci quote and I have another one from one of the more quotable people who ever lived.

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
Alcuni causano felicità ovunque vadano; altri ogni volta che se ne vanno.

Oscar Wilde

I look forward to any comments.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year although the covid grinch has certainly had an impact on Christmas this year. But hang in there the vaccine is on the way. This is definitely not a time to let your guard down.

8 Responses to “La Casa – the house (in this case the apartment)”

  1. Joy O'Neal Says:

    Your home is wonderful and I hope that you and Laura have an outstanding holiday! I am having an early Christmas dinner with Colin and Elisa and Finn. After food we will open gifts and Finn will get to open his Nana (this is what he calls me) Santa gifts. He is 7 and loads of fun and smart, smart, smart. I am looking forward to it!
    Love to you both, Joy

  2. Joe Says:

    Yes, It’s really interesting living in a building that’s more than 4 centuries old. They’ve all been reconstructed and often the spaces are constrained but still we love the place and plan to stay here forever — well, of course there is a natural limits to forever.


  3. Natalie Says:

    Lovely place! My dream is to have a terrace or a small garden. 🙂 In addition to a real cute cat, I like the cat on the top shelf. 🙂

  4. Joe Says:

    Ah, you must mean the paper macché cat that I bought in Mexico 30 or 40 years ago. I love that too. BTW I’m curious about where you reside (in general terms).


  5. Jan Says:

    It looks wonderful!

  6. Joe Says:

    It is. We have windows in the living room overlooking via Santo Stefano and it’s always interesting watching the street life (when things are not locked down). Since it’s a dense city it’s like New York with a lot of public transportation and as a result a lot of people walking on the sidewalks. Plus it’s small enough that you if you walk a half mile you can reach almost anywhere in the “center” on foot.


  7. Natalie Says:

    Hi Joe,

    We are in NYC, but dreaming of Italy. 🙂

  8. Joe Says:

    Well, I hope that I am nourishing your dreams. I especially like Bologna and am planning a post about it soon.


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