The move to Bologna

The move to Bologna

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

It has been over a month since my last post. Time flies when you’re having fun but the last period has not been great. As I reported in my last post we required a permit in Bologna to use the sort of external elevator (a montacarichi) to move the stuff up to the apartment. While my “secret agent” in Bologna provided all of the information required to advance the date, apparently the Bologna moving company affiliated with the one in Torino never made the request so we were stuck in Torino for an additional 2 weeks. I was not happy. The move to Bologna for me marked the end of a long period of significant stress and I was anxious to have it happen. In any case on July 17 the Torino movers came and loaded the stuff into trucks.

Moving boxes from the 3rd floor (would be the fourth in the US) in Torino.

So on July 18 we celebrated my birthday by driving from Torino to Bologna in Laura’s car loaded with stuff including the two cats who complained for a while but it was not too bad. Then on July 20 all of the stuff was loaded into the house and we could start the long process of unpacking the myriad boxes. Most but not all of that process is complete and we have yet to figure out where to put all of the pictures on the walls but it is definitely starting to feel like home.

Moving the glass table – a single piece of thick glass up to the Bologna apartment.

There was one significant snafu during the Bologna move. The Torino moving company was attaching the bookshelf system to the wall when they punctured a pipe for the the radiator system. There was little water in the system but it put an end to that assembly and required a plumber and then a guy to patch the hole in the wall after the plumber repaired the pipe. I bought matching paint to touch up the wall and then put up the bookshelf myself. By the way, the Torino moving company really did an excellent job -very professional. I certainly cannot say the same for their colleagues here in Bologna.

In the next post I’ll give a little tour of the new abode with video.

And today’s Baci message:

Coloro che sognano di giorno sanno molte cose che sfuggono a chi sogna soltanto di notte.

Those who dream by day know many things that escape those who dream only a night.

Edgar Allen Po

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