Goodbye John (Addio John)

Goodbye John (Addio John)

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

The news came this morning that John Prine died yesterday.  It was not really a surprise since I knew that he was in critical condition and was highly at risk, having lost a lung to cancer a few years ago. He was a lifelong smoker. This morning I have been listening to a lot of his songs that mean a lot to me. It seems strange that I’ve shed a lot of tears this morning. I remember very few times in my life when I’ve really cried as a result of a sad event. I cried when my father died and really don’t remember other times but this morning I cried. I never knew John personally and only saw him once in concert so that is what makes it strange. I suppose we all have a special place in our hearts that are rarely touched. His songs often touched that place in me. I wish that I was with Laura. Here are a couple (well, 3) songs of his.

Another favorite similar in tone to “Hello in There”

Another song so full of emotion

This one is for Laura

Take care of yourselves in these difficult times.

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