Now THAT’s a cemetery!

Now THAT’s a cemetery!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Cemeteries are different in Italy in a number of ways. Certainly they are more dense, usually because they are older and also because they are smaller. Same number of people, smaller area of land = density. They also are often quite beautiful. There is a class of cemeteries called “cimiteri monumentali” monumental cemeteries. Often full of sculpture, often done by reasonably famous artists. One of the top 5 of these is the Cimitero Certosa in Bologna. It’s a bit outside the city center and was founded in 1801 at the site of what had been a monastery of the order “Certosa” which in english that would be the Carthusian order of monks which still means nothing to me but with the help of Google I found that it is an order of monks founded in France in 1084. So there.

The entrance (at least one of them)

It is certainly interesting wandering around the cemetery. I’m always astounded to the monuments to the dead. Not just gravestones but what to me seem like major works of art plunked down over the bones of the long departed.

Who knows who is buried here. I think it’s a monument for parigiani (partisans) who battled the nazis in the second world war.

Majestic cemetery

Lots of folks here. Is the statue for everyone or just a really important person?

More modest final resting niches

Now let’s see, where exactly is Great Uncle Franco?


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