Californians, here they come.

Californians, here they come.

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

A good friend of mine unfortunately moved to Los Angeles. Well, I’m sure it’s good for him since he grew up there but it does mean that already sporadic meetings will be even more so. I did hear from him not long before I came to Italy in early April. Some long time good friends of his were planning a trip to Italy including a stop in Bologna and he asked if I could advise them or even show them around. I was delighted to have the opportunity to show off a city that I love.

Mel and Ellen with the twin towers in the background

I arrived here on Thursday and met Ellen and Mel at their hotel in the very center on Saturday. We walked around for a bit through the quadrilateral where there are great little food markets and generally give of the medieval vibe of the city. Then into the Bibilioteca Salaborsa (the central library) including a little tour through the etruscan and roman excavations inside.  At one point Ellen and I lost Mel. Ellen was wearing a yellow jacket and Mel was following and at some point started following someone else in a similar jacket. After that I kept a close eye on him to make sure that he didn’t stray too far. It certainly helps if everyone has a cell phone.

Ellen’s lunch at Sfoglia Rina. Great Bolognese food at very moderate prices.

We had lunch on Sunday and then ate dinner together on Monday before they left for Venice on Tuesday.


Seafood antipasto

Spaghetti with clams

A risotto

A semfreddo – dessert halfway between a mouse and ice cream.

So if you plan to come to Bologna let me know – leave a comment on any blog post. If I’m here I’d be happy to show you around.

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