Random Bologna

Random Bologna

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

I’ve been here almost a month and yet to write a post. So maybe I’ll make up for lost time.

First up- the Germans in the church. A tour guide that I know mentioned one evening that since she also spoke German she was going to be busy the next day. 300 Germans were to arrive from Rome in a fleet of tour buses and after a walking tour around the center of the city, at 3 PM (insert joke about German precision here) would all go to the biggest basilica in the city – San Petronio and sing. So I went and indeed they did. There are more behind me so there were certainly at least 300. It turns out that September 8th is thought to be the birthday of the virgin Mary.

300 germans singing in San Petronio

I had seen this restaurant at a piazza where I often change buses and Paolo suggested that we go to dinner there. The tree is considered the oldest one in the city and makes for a great dining environment when the weather is nice.

Dining under a 400 year old plane tree (sycamore family) at Osteria Bartolini

So what do you do when you need to repair a street in the historic center of a medieval city? Do you just throw down some asphalt as we would do in the states. Well, that’s kind a mute point since we don’t have any cities even close to that old. Here you save the cobblestones and put them back down. A lot of work but it maintains the look of the city. It’s worth it.



Repairing a street in Bologna – via Saragozza

A lot done – still more to do.

When I’m in the center and want a cheap satisfying lunch I walk to the Due Torri – so named because it’s right across the street from those towers – duh. Good and cheap – stand or sit on the edge of the sidewalk.

Pizzeria Due Torri

Takeout only – mostly by the slice

2 euro for the slice and one for the water – good cheap lunch

Destroyed moka

So I started some coffee then decided to make a quick trip to bathroom. Starting back I noticed my phone in the bedroom. Ah, that’s where I left it. Someone sent me a message so I need to respond. Oh yes, I search for some info and include a link in the message, etc, etc. So after 1/2 hour I walked back and found the kitchen full of smoke. Oh, well, it can be replaced with a new one for less than 10 euros. I related the story to a conversation partner at the library and she said, yes, she’s done that a couple of times.

More posts to come soon.

2 Responses to “Random Bologna”

  1. Helen Brainerd Says:

    Loved your posting! We just returned frim Croatia and then a few days in Padua where the identical cobblestone repair was taking place, right under our hotel window! Loved watching the process. The hotel was frantic, having not been informed! Fortunately we only used the room at night. Returning to Bologna is high on our list, and your postings continue to keep your city in our minds!

  2. Joe Says:

    I’m glad that you liked it. I hear that Croatia is great – maybe I’ll make it over there one of these days.


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