Bologna Miscellaneous

Bologna Miscellaneous

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Bologna at one time had rivers and canals. Now most of the rivers run under the city. I was told that if you find yourself on a long and winding street that there’s a good bet that it follows the path of a river that has now been covered over with the street. There still as at least one canal that is on the surface. I ran across it quite by accident when I met some others for lunch at a trattoria that is near this canal.

The last Saturday night that I was in Bologna I went to dinner with Claudia and then she suggested that since it was still early (11:00 was considered early for her) then why not walk up to PIazza Maggiore where she was expecting to meet some friends. Every summer they set up a large screen and a thousand or so chairs and show movies after it is dark. Which means at this time they probably don’t start until at least 9:30 or 10:00. The weather was really how the last week that I was there – hitting 100 degrees some days so it was really pleasant at 11:00. They were showing a silent French movie from the 20’s with Italian subtitles (or whatever you call those frames of written dialog for silents). The most spectacular thing was that there was also a full orchestra for the music. Very impressive. I also took a dim picture of the statue of Neptune – another symbol of  the city.

They are trying a policy this year of closing the very center of the city on weekends to all motor vehicle traffic including taxis, buses and scooters. I went there once when they were closed both Saturday and Sunday and don’t know if they modified that to only Saturdays. It was really interesting to see a broad boulevard jammed with people. I couldn’t even ride my bicycle. The downside for me is that the buses that I usually took to the center had changed routes so it was a bit inconvenient. From the crowds it must have been a hit.

So that’s my last post from Bologna. Now I’ve been back in California for over a month and as with last year have found it a bit hard to readjust to life in my neighborhood when compared to Bologna. I’ll be back.

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  1. AntonyM Says:

    ciao Joe…I’ve now read and skimmed through months of your recent posts, thank you, with zero reference that I can locate to the actual name/location/contact information of the language school you attended. I’m heading to Bologna in October for two weeks of Italian at bolognalingua, and always seeking connections and information… Have I picked the best school, for example?


  2. Joe Says:


    Thanks for reading my blog. The actual name of the school is the one that I used, ALCE. It is an acronym for Associazione Lingue e Culture Europee. I on have experience with that school and one in Rome. ALCE is far superior. Other students that I met there who had been to others generally tended to agree. Tell them that I sent you. At this point they will recognize my name and know about my blog.


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