La Casa Mia (my house)

La Casa Mia (my house)

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

As I previously explained, a house (in Italian) really translates into home rather than a physical structure “house”. So I live at via Osoni 30 on the 2nd floor – equivalent to the 3rd floor in the U.S. The school is also on the second floor so I get a fair amount of exercise just going up and down stairs. The apartment is really a rather generous size for Italy. It has a living room all to itself rather than a common room that combines the functions of living room, dining room and kitchen. There is a separate small dining room and a TINY kitchen. Then there are three rather generously sized bedrooms as well as a sunroom. Rather luxurious for Italy. There is a balcony which has a lot of plants because Cesarini loves gardening in every form. When you add the stendino (the clothes drying rack) there’s hardly any room left on the balcony. Very few people have a clothes dryer, air drying is the rule rather than the exception. Really the only thing that I wish were different is that there is no internet in the house so rather than wi-fi I had to buy the chiaveta to access the internet through the cellular network.

The lady of the house, Cesarina, is a real sweetie although a little tight with money. That’s natural since she is retired and has a passion for music. She saves money to to feed her music habit which see indulges 2 or three times a week.  She has a lot of interests other than music. There are plants on almost every window ledge and the balcony has plants everywhere. There are books on a variety of subjects all over the house. We’ve developed a comfortable relationship. If we have a load of clothes in the washer and she is out of the house when they are done, I put them on the rack and bring them in when they are dry. She has repaired some socks of mine and a couple of pair of underwear as well.

From the balcony you can see San Luca, which is one of the major landmarks of Bologna along with the twin towers.




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  1. Dana Says:

    Looks like great digs in a great location! About balconies: From my experience staying with friends in italy, I’ve come to believe that balconies are meant for herbs, laundry and trash. Rather than sit on them, my friends always preferred to go into town and parks to enjoy the air. They thought I was a bit weird to want to sit on the balcony! Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joe Says:

    I’m glad that you liked the posts, Dana. The balcony is a bit cramped but some apartments to have terraces that are described as “livable” meaning you can have a table and chairs for a nice lunch when the weather is nice. And yes, it is a terrific location.


  3. Jamie Pillers Says:

    Hi Joe,
    Your abode looks great! Superb ‘student housing’! 🙂

    Note my new e-mail address (the old address was hacked into).
    Ciao, dude,

  4. Joe Says:

    Yes, I feel fortunate to be in this location. I knew nothing about this neighborhood before so just another part of my education.


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