Milano Mayor Goes Berserk

Milano Mayor Goes Berserk

Sunday, May 10th, 2020

There was video on the front page of the La Stampa newspaper, the newspaper of Torino, showing a crowd shortly after a slight relaxation of the rules after entering phase 2. It shows a crowd gathered in a neighborhood of Milano who were DEFINITELY flaunting the rules. The mayor of Milano went berserk and the next day there was a photo of policemen on patrol in the same neighborhood and probably any others that were popular gathering spots.

Of course the point of the rules is not only to protect yourself but also to protect others. If everyone plays by the rules for a while longer the infection rate will continue to drop (today at only 0.5%) and the rules will ease further. If it starts going up we could return to the even more strict rules.

On a more personal note – I sold the house in California!


The sale closed on May 6th and the money appeared in my account two days later. Without property in the U.S. I am officially no longer a resident of the U.S., though I’m a citizen for life. The next day as I was leaving to go to the new house (I now have the keys) I noticed something in the mailbox. That is pretty unusual to start with since I opt for email communications for everything. So I was delighted to find this:

Of course the Donald wants to take credit for anything good and avoid it for anything bad.

I had heard that this would also go to citizens living overseas but thought that since I have my Social Security monthly pension direct deposited that it would show up there and I was wondering when that would happen. This was probably mailed 3 weeks ago since international mail is notoriously slow. In any case I’m going to buy a new refrigerator to replace the old one at the new house with a better one once Laura and I have moved in. I’ve already lined up a guy with a van through a strong recommendation from a good friend here and plan to move my stuff there on May 21st. Since I don’t have any furniture it shouldn’t be too expensive and there are elevators in each building although in the new one the elevator is pretty small as is typical of 4 centuries old building that have been modernized over the years. It will be a lot harder for Laura’s move since she’s bringing a lot of furniture and most of it will have to be carried up two flights of stairs.

Here’s today’s Baci quote.

A heart that loves is always young.
Un cuore che ama e’ sempre giovane.

Greek Proverb

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4 Responses to “Milano Mayor Goes Berserk”

  1. Victor Miller Says:

    I guess half the people on earth are below average or there wouldn’t be an average, would there?

  2. Joe Says:

    Yes, but in times of crisis the average at least in terms of comportment needs to be a bit higher.


  3. Susan R Frey Says:

    This is my second comment, not sure the first one got through. I’m enjoying your blog and your writing is very interesting. I know you’re a good chef and the food looks very tasty. Curious to know are the Italians having racial problems as well? Are you going to become Italian citizen?

  4. Joe Says:

    Everyone in the world seems to have racial problems. As in the U.S. it’s usually people of color, from Africa and parts of Asia but doesn’t have the slavery background. There are a lot of fairly recent immigrants fleeing Africa who are generally and face more discrimination. Still it doesn’t seem to be as severe as in the U.S.

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