Here’s what’s new with me.

Here’s what’s new with me.

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

I guess that I have been so preoccupied with the advance and effects of the coronavirus on life especially here and in the U.S. that I have failed to mention some things very important to me.

First of all Laura and I, after looking at numerous apartments here in Bologna settled on one and signed a lease. It was really fortunate that we did so sooner than later. She came here on Saturday March 7th and we signed the lease on Monday the 8th. That same day the decree was signed by the government that prohibited basically all travel not considered essential, not only between cities but within cities. The next day she was able to return to Torino because her residence (and her two cats) are there. I could not go with her because my residence is here and she cannot return to Bologna for the same reason. So we have now been separated for 3 1/2 weeks (it seems longer) and will probably continue to be separated for at lease 2 more and possible until early May. Bummer! Thank God for Whatsapp. We can talk every day with video. I’ve also used it to talk to friends in the U.S. It’s incredibly useful.

I did a post about house hunting in Bologna (click here if interested) on February 19th which included 3 examples of ads. We chose the third one. It’s on via Santo Stefano (click here for a map) which is in one of the more desirable neighborhoods in the city with great access to public transporation and not far from a big park ( Giardini Margherita) that Laura wants to go to often. It’s in a building built in the 16th century. Obviously it has changed a lot in the last 450 or so years. There is an elevator, small but usable, a relatively large terrace although it is surrounded by walls on 3 sides, but still is pretty nice. It’s lightly furnished at present but enough for me to move there by the first of May when the lease starts (if the restrictions here allow it) and Laura will bring a lot of furniture with her when she moves – hopefully in May.

What else is new? Oh, yes, the beard. Also the hair is getting longer. I usually go a couple of months between haircuts and this time I was scheduled for a haircut at about the time the movement restrictions went into effect so it’s 3 months and counting. I’ll probably get it trimmed in early May – just a trim, I like it longer. And I think that I’ll keep the beard. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Joy O'Neal Says:

    It is good to know that you and Laura are ok, although having to live separately for now is a true bummer. You look good with the longer hair and beard. I always enjoy your blog and the one about house hunting was really fun to read.

    May is also my target for a hopeful return to a better normal. In Houston, Harris County, there are 847 confirmed cases and 6 deaths out of 4669 confirmed cases and 70 deaths in Texas. The county numbers are up 200 since yesterday….more testing happening now. Our peak will probably not occur for about 2 more weeks.

    My son, Colin, comes over once a week and we sit behind my townhouse at the opening to my garage, with our chairs 12’ apart and talk for a while. That helps with the mental effects of isolation, and I talk with friends and other family either by text or phone.

    Stay safe.

  2. Joe Says:

    Yes, the lockdown is a real drag but necessary. There was just an article in the NY Times today the subject of how Italy reacted to the emergence of the virus and what the future of the lockdown will be. At least the government here believes in experts as opposed to yours (see I’m really feeling like a true expat now). Finally Texas made a stay at home rule but if you read the Times article you’ll be saying to yourself “Oooh, it’s really awfully late here). Stock the pantry and freezer and liquor cabinet ;^). Times are going to get lot tougher there. It’s not going to peak in a week or two.

    Stay safe.

  3. Renata Says:

    The question should be: what does Laura think about your hair and beard?
    Anyway,I think you look good.
    I didn’t know John Prine. The song ‘Hello In There’ is really very moving.

  4. Joe Says:

    I asked Laura before I started letting the beard grow – I have learned a lot about relationships by this point in my life. Regarding the hair, I have little choice since I was schedule to go get it trimmed at about the time the lockdown was put into place. So probably by the time I get it cut it will have grown for over 4 months. In any case I like it and I think that she does too.


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