Torino again – Bunker Big Market

Torino again – Bunker Big Market

Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Last weekend I was in Torino, as I am on alternate weekends and was looking around for something to do. Like most cities there are a bunch of things to do and many cities have a website with lists and specifics. Here in Bologna there is “” and in Torino there is “”, heck maybe every city had “”. I’m too lazy to research this possibility but if you aren’t let me know if that seems to be true (also maybe in the U.S.).

But I digress. On torinotoday there was an item that sounded really interesting. It was “Bunker Big Market”. Bunker is a location in Torino consisting of what seems to be an abandoned manufacturing or warehouse site that has been re-purposed as a center of arts and crafts, sports, urban garden and even a disco. Quite a combination but obviously frequented mostly by young creative types. So they have started having this sale every quarter and this was only the fourth one.

The pictures on their website (click here to explore) were really interesting so we decided to go. It was a bit of adventure getting there since the address seemed a bit imprecise but we finally arrived. I thought that BIG market is a bit of an overstatement. As I’m writing this and looked more carefully at their website I found a MINI market. The mini-market was for kids so the Big-Market is for adults. Cute.

There were a lot of exhibitors with very nice hand made things although generally more appropriate for twenty-somethings than seventy-somethings. For me the real exception was a guy who made macrame’ jewelry. Really nicely knotted things with thin cords and usually including semi-precious stones. I always have a vision of macrame’ as something from the 70s for hanging flower pots but I really did like this guy’s stuff. Maybe I’ll go to the one that they’ll have in the spring and buy something to put away for a gift for someone in the future.

There was food and beer (naturally) so we had some sicilian specialties for lunch before returning to Laura’s house.

And now some photos.

The street art at the entrance
Next this “mobile” street art – well, that and the tree stump art.

Another Ape (basically a vespa with 3 wheels) decorated – with a paddle tennis court in the background and the mural for a gym area.
Ooh, one of my favorites – hanging street art in one of the buildings
A dramatic mural in the same building.
Street art near the mobile popcorn machine. The other little stand is for coffee. If you look closely you can see that they are both mobile – as tricycles.
From the Bunker website. I didn’t see this one but it’s incredibly cool.

Well I hope you enjoyed the post. I really recommend checking their website – Italian language knowledge is not required.

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