Sardegna – Part 2

Sardegna – Part 2

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

Alghero was nice enough but we really wanted to explore some other areas so we decided to go South from Alghero to Bosa. It’s not too far away, about 50 km (30 miles) along a scenic coast road reminiscent of Highway 1 in California that runs along the Pacific Ocean. Like that road it is slow going taking about an hour to drive that distance. There are a number of beaches between the two cities but most are inaccessible except by boat because of the bluffs along the coast.

The road south to Bosa – reminds me a lot of the coast road Route 1 in California

It was a nice drive in the Fiat (did I mention that I love the Fiat 500). At a scenic overlook I asked a fellow tourist to take a picture of us with the Fiat. You can note the amount of wind blowing our hair.

With the Fiat 500

In any case during that first trip south we wanted to take a day off from the beach anyway. So we strolled around Bosa a bit, had a nice lunch and headed back. Of course I neglected to take photos since I was just content to be there. Lots of cobblestone streets, nice bars and restaurants and frankly much more attractive and walkable than Alghero. If I were to fly to the Alghero airport in the future I’d stay in Bosa instead. Aside from the Mediterranean Sea, Bosa also has a river as you can see from the photo below that I obviously did not take.

The River Temo that runs through Bosa is the only navigable river of the island.

We liked Bosa enough that we decided to return another day and this time to find a beach. I’m not sure that we selected the best one but certainly an interesting one. It’s about 7 km north of Bosa and there is a parking area on the side of the highway. Then after hiking down a fairly rugged but not too steep trail you arrive at he beach. It’s only about 200 meters but seems longer.

A lot of interesting rock formations at Sa Rocca Lada
Getting into the water is tricky – especially since the waves were fairly strong that day. I had limited success.

On the last day we needed to leave our AirBnB by noon but our flight back wasn’t until 10:30 or so. We decided to take a jaunt into the interior. After doing a bunch of studying of the map we agreed to go to Ozieri. It’s about 50 miles from Alghero which is almost halfway across the island. The road was excellent and we were able to see some interesting terrain. I had expected it to be more mountainous but at least in that part of the island there are sporadic mountains jutting up but lots of flat areas. It is quite dry and apparently rains mostly in the winter months.

Ozieri from the restaurant balcony

At Ozieri we had one of the finest meals of the whole trip at Ristorante Teatro. It is on the first floor (as opposed the ground floor) and sitting on the balcony is like being at a theater looking out at the town. Inside, it really was (and occasionally is) a theater. We were the only customers at lunch. I felt sorry for the restaurant but the waiter was great born in Ozieri and a heavy sardinian accent. We went with his reccomendations, mussles for an antipasto and then lobster accompanied by a half liter of white wine and coffee at the end

Spaghetti with lobster at Ristorante il Teatro in Ozieri

I think that we skipped desert but we were so full that we sat in the shade at a nearby park for an hour before being able to move much. In any case it was a fantastic meal for 2 for about 50 euros.

We still had some time to kill so we went back to Alghero for a not too great gelato and then to the airport to be punished further by Ryanair for not paying more for out tickets before finally getting the flight to Bologna and arriving at the house via taxi after midnight. A great trip!

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  1. Jan Says:

    Hi Joe! Sounds good.

  2. Joe Says:

    It was good. Very good.


  3. Jan Says:

    Hi Joe! Sounds good. I hope you’re not in an oven of heat. Here the weather has been perfect. Miss you.

  4. Joe Says:

    Well, it’s been in the 90s for about the last two weeks. Thank god for air conditioning in my house (well, apartment). I’ll looking forward to reprieve during my coming stay in California.


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