By popular demand….

By popular demand….

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Well, since I did have one comment requesting further information about where I live that qualifies as popular demand.

First a map.

Map of my location and particular points of interest – at least for me.

The red marker is where I live. It’s really a great location although not as beautiful as many parts of Bologna. There are bus stops very close by which are extremely convenient. There’s also a terrific supermarket barely more than a block away as well as the “Mercato delle Erbe with fresh veggies, fish, bakeries, butcher shops and all manner of foods including places to eat. My gym is a short bus ride away and I can easily go to the center where I do volunteer work 3 days a week (but only 2 hours and 15 minutes each time. I invite you to looks at a map Bologna via google maps and you’ll note that the center of Bologna is an egg shape – the boundary of the walls that mostly no longer exist. So within this boundary is considered the “center”. It’s a great place to be.

View of the general area with the structures for electricity generation

Approaching my house from the bus stop there are these strange painted structures. They are actually the visible part of apparatus for generating electricity from an underground river that turns turbines. The murals are nice and serve as more than just funky art. There seems to be an unwritten rule that if some surface is decorated then it is forbidden to fill it with graffiti.

the building in the middle is mine – #16

The little piazza with steps leading down. All around where I live it is a pedestrian area and my apartment faces the rear so it’s really quiet.

A partial view of the little piazza and pedestrian street. 

You can note the ever present graffiti. I read recently that the city government has recently declared war on the graffiti writers. I wish them luck but am rather dubious. But if they can cut it down by even half it would be great.

There I am on the “citfono”. Intercom at the entrance.

The “living room” seating.

The living room is also the “dining room” so it can be a little cramped having 3 people for dinner but I’ve done so once and plan to start having 3 guests for dinner on a regular basis.

Entertainment and storage in the living room

When seated in the easy chair this is the view. The cabinets and drawers are convenient storage.

Items brought from “home” in California to “home” in Bologna.

Armoires in hallway

Hallway amoires become a broom closet (rispostiglio) and pantry (dispensa). 

Note the trash cans for recycling. They are much more conscientious about recycling here. There is the indifferenziato (non recyclable stuff), glass and metal, plastic, paper and organic. I’m being a good citizen by recycling all of it.

Bathroom one side.

bathroom – other 1/2

I’ve learned to use the bidet. Heck I figure that if they use these things all over Europe there must be some benefit. They are in every home or hotel room that I’ve ever been in.

master bedroom

Armoires (IKEA of course). Lots of storage capacity.

Chest of drawers in my bedroom

Guest bedroom with “desk”

Well that’s it for now. Next up, the circus. Stay tuned.





4 Responses to “By popular demand….”

  1. Cynthia Salamy Says:

    Thanks for the pics, Joe. I like “my” little room:)

  2. Joe Says:

    So when are you coming to visit?

  3. Joy O'Neal Says:

    Your home is wonderful! You have inspired me to strip down to even less stuff than I already have done! I love your excitement at beginning a new page of life. When I moved to Houston last year I did a similar thing in a minor way. I am building a community here and I love my life…..speaking of which… I am 75, and grateful. Have a beautiful month!

  4. Joe Says:

    Life begins at 70!!!

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