The necessities of life

The necessities of life

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Each time I go to Bologna I buy another moka (or sometimes moca). Also they are called various other things here. macchinetta (little machine) or caffettieria. In any case, by now I have a pretty sizable collection so I thought that this time I’d just buy something very cheap and function and leave it here for when we come back in January. But then I saw this stunning new moka from Alessi and fell in love. Not only is it very striking in appearance but perhaps functions better than any of the other that I have. Italians really have a way with design.

bella moka-002

Also when I’m here I enjoy the wines at really quite good prices compared to the states. And of course there is the grappa. In the US I can find maybe 5 or 6 varieties of grappa, one or two relatively cheap (for good reason) and some very good (at prices to match). Here there is almost an infinite choice. I’ve started sampling some that are “secca” (dry) as opposed to my usual choice of “morbida” (smooth). I like both. The bottle shown is very high quality and cost about $27. A steal compared to what such a product would cost in California. The wine? about $6.

grappa e vino

grappa e vino

2 Responses to “The necessities of life”

  1. diane Says:

    OMG, I WANT that moka!!!!!

  2. Joe Says:

    Detto fatto! No sooner said than done.


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