Pizza in Bologna

Pizza in Bologna

Friday, June 5th, 2015

I don’t have a large sampling of Bologna pizza. Like almost all of the pizzas that I have eaten there they follow the thin crust, light on toppings and wood-fired oven model. There was a simple little pizzeria near where we were living on Santo Stefano so it was really convenient to pop over there for a take-out pizza. Since they are thin crust they are ready in minutes. That leave enough time to go to the corner store just steps away and pick up a beer or two. We became very familiar with our old friend Moretti – a popular and inexpensive beer in Italy.

The day after the party I had a “sbronza” (hangover) and so did my friend Gianluca. Karen had gone on one of the Saturday field trips with other students. I exchanged some texts with Cesare who recommended Spacca Napoli as a good place for a pizza which had the added benefit of being not too far away. So Gianluca came over and we went for something to bring us back to life. Two pizzas and a shared liter of beer did the trick. The pizzas are really big there but we both managed to get the job done.

The pizzas at Spacca Napoli - terrific and BIG

The pizzas at Spacca Napoli – terrific and BIG. Prosciutto for Gianluca, sausage and mushroom for me

Karen had eaten one pizza in Bologna; at Regina Margherita not too far away from us and also on our street, Santo Stefano. I thought that we should really try a highly regarded pizza place so we reserved a table at Scalinatella, a highly reviewed place in the center of town and invited Marco and his wife Claudia to join us. Claudia couldn’t make it do to a work related dinner but we had a pleasant evening with Marco (the yoga master and investment adviser for a large Italian bank). Marco’s pizza was dubbed “Pugliese” and was tomato sauce, onion and mozzarella (with the token basil leaf). I talked Karen into splitting one with mozzarella di bufala, and cherry tomatoes since this type of mozzarella is really special and largely unavailable outside of Italy. Unfortunately, while the cheese was great, there were not too many tomatoes and it come across as a bit bland. Oh well, sometimes even the best of intentions …

Marco's Pizza Pugliese

Marco’s Pizza Pugliese

The split pizza with mozzarella da bufala and cherry tomatoes

The split pizza with mozzarella da bufala and cherry tomatoes

We did get to at least see Claudia on this trip because she drove into town after her dinner to give Marco a ride home. Hopefully we’ll see more of her on the next trip.

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  1. Helen Says:

    Yum, yum, yum! Nothing compares! Where can we get anything like this in the East Bay?

  2. Joe Says:

    Maybe at Pizzaiolo on Telegraph or Boot and Shoe (although you may have hearing loss after eating there). Dopo I hear is good but all of them probably charge at least double what you’d pay for an amazing pizza in BO.


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