Ten bus rides in one day – a new record

Ten bus rides in one day – a new record

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Fortunately I have a monthly pass for the bus. That gives me unlimited rides for a month’s duration. It’s unusual that I would ride the bus so frequently but it was an unusual day. Here’s what I did. First I went to the gym. The gym (Sempre Avanti) is actually inside the soccer stadium. Since I have no bicycle this year it involves walking down the hill to the bus stop (160 meters), taking the bus for three stops, then walking 560 meters (the distances are from Google Maps), then walking perhaps another 100 meters from the stadium entrance to the gym. Total walking distance – about a half mile. Then I returned by the same route to the house. Click on the map to see a larger version. 

Since it’s going to be a long weekend (Pasqua – Easter) I decided I’d better stock up on some food since I’ll be eating at home much of the weekend so I went to the store which is very close to the stadium so it’s pretty much the same route. So I got all of the items on the list and went through the checkout line. When it came time to pay I found that I’d forgotten to transfer my billfold from the backpack that I use for the gym to the little man-bag that I always use. Uh-oh. So I rushed back home and back, the same route both ways, but by then they had taken all the stuff away so I started all over again, paid and went back to the house. So that was 6 bus trips. You can see that I’m getting a lot of walking exercise here. Next I had a meeting in the center of town with a guy (Gaudio) that I’d met at an English Meetup. So I took the bus to the center, had a beer with him and talked with him for an hour and a half, some English and some Italian and went back home. That’s 8 bus trips.

As a side note, I met Gaudio near la Fontana Nettuno, a very convenient meeting place. There’s always something interesting happening there so I took a few picture while waiting for him to arrive.

In the evening I went to aperitivo with Claudia and some students from ALCE, the school I attended and where she teaches. When I returned home that’s 10 trips. A new record and one I hope never to exceed or even equal.



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