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Pranzo con mamma (lunch with mom)

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Well, not my mother. That would be impossible. ┬áLast weekend I went with my friend and teacher, Claudia, from the school to visit her mother in Mesola. I had exchanged emails with her mother when I was still in California and enjoyed our exchanges. One weekend, some weeks ago, her mother Cinzia came to Bologna […]

Trip to Ravenna

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

I don’t write much about side trips, churches, monuments and such things but decided that the day trip merited a post. Ravenna is famous for byzantine mosaics and I saw a lot of them. Ravenna was the center of byzantine control in Italy starting in 540 and lasted for a couple of hundred years. ┬áDuring […]


Saturday, June 9th, 2012

What a wonderful invention! You go out in the evening to have a glass of wine or a beer at a bar and what do you find? They feed you. Well, sometimes you need to pay a couple of euros in addition to the cost of drinks for the food but it’s still a terrific […]

The Rasoio (the razor)

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Razor! Doesn’t seem like an interesting subject but in this case there is a bit of learning of how things work in Italy in a totally different sense. The story begins with my electric razor. It’s one of those Norelco things with three rotating heads. I don’t shave very often either here or in California […]