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Eggplant “Sandwiches”

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I haven’t fixed these in years but the perfect opportunity presented itself. We were invited to a wedding of one of the dancer friends of my wife. Well, she’s my friend too but I’m not really a part of the dance community except by marriage. In any case part of the wedding was the request […]

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Learning the Language

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

It is very interesting learning another language. For one thing, all of those grammar  things that I learned in grade school and pretty much went in one ear and out the other become more important. When I started learning Italian I wouldn’t have known a gerund if it bit me in the ass. The gerund […]

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Saturday, July 10th, 2010

The song that so many of us know as “Volare” (to fly) is really entitled “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (In the blue, painted blue). We’ve all heard it and probably by different singers or groups with the lyrics or just as an instrumental. If you’ve always liked it you are certainly not alone. It […]

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Thursday, July 8th, 2010

The photo at the top of the blog is one that I made of Portofino. It is one of the notable Ligurian towns on the Italian Riviera. Actually there are considered to be two Italian Rivieras, the Riviera di Ponente (loosely meaning where the sun sets) stretches east from from Genoa to France. The most […]

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